Tahoe Outdoor Industry Syndicate

About the Founders



The Outdoor Embassy is the result of collaboration from many hard-working professionals all over the Tahoe area.

Here are a few of the faces that contribute to the planning and vision of the group.

We welcome anyone to join us with your ideas and get involved. The Outdoor Embassy is grassroots at heart.

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aaron Mccready

Equal parts creator and active, Aaron manages his outdoor equipment product design firm from Tahoe City. After years of designing exteriors in the automotive industry, he realized life is short, and decided to focus all of his efforts on what he loves the most: helping people enjoy the outdoors. He designs products for a range of outdoor companies, with the common thread of making great ideas become a reality.

Aaron strongly believes that our industry needs to return to its roots, leaving large cities and spending more time in the environment that we are all passionate about. By truly living the lifestyle that we aspire to, we will create the best products and brands, and naturally diversify the economies of our small towns and remote areas.


katie hawkins

A global sales director in the outdoor industry with over 20 years of experience, Katie Hawkins is passionate about paving the way for women and girls on the trails and in the office environment. She has led international sales teams and growth initiatives for iconic outdoor brands such as Marmot, Black Diamond Equipment, and Gregory Mountain Products. Her passion and love of the Sierra led her to current role as the Director of Sales and Marketing at Ice Axe Expeditions based in Truckee.

Katie currently serves on the Board of Directors for SheJumps and the Pacific Crest Trail Association.  When she is not in the boardroom you can find Katie backcountry skiing, mountain biking, and trail running.

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Determined to have a job she felt passionate about and could fuel her passion for being outside, Tory started her career in the outdoor industry as a gear tester, shop employee, and Outdoor Retailer Booth girl.

She transitioned to PR, but found herself fascinated by the problem solving and making involved with the gear she talked relentlessly about. She switched paths, immersing herself in product, bringing her marketing background with her. She currently works on the product team at Flylow and refuses to work anywhere unless she can bike at lunch.